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A journey to health.

This website exists at the request of friends who asked me to share my personal story with everyone.

Joan, November 2006I share with you my journey, which all boils down to my quest to breathe. Literally. When I was 14 years old I had 32% functional breathing capacity; at 27 years old, 17%; and in my late 30s, 13%. I was told in my late 30s if I lived 10 more years I would be doing good as everyone lost breathing function in their 40s and I had none to lose. I share with you why my breathing is compromised, and how it is that I am in my 50s and still here on earth.

I am forever aware of that which most folks take for granted... breath. There are many facets to my journey that encompass several different areas of life, and they all entwine together to being able to breathe.

My quest for health.

Since most of what I share in these pages is about my journey, the paths I have walked, and the choices I have made in my quest for health; they will be heavily loaded with my opinions and my beliefs. You may not agree with me all the time, if any of the time. But the fact is, I am alive. And I am healthy. And in the natural order of things I should be neither.

Please do not allow yourself to be offended by my content or various modes of presentation of such. I hope you stick around and find something that will be of worth to your own life.