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Articles from the 1990s

When I lived in Ash Flat, Arkansas, I went to church in Thayer, Missouri. For a season I produced the weekly bulletin, writing articles for it. One of the elders asked me to turn some of the articles into the following booklets, which the church published. These were written between 1992 – 1993, during the span of time up to and after I was handed a second death sentence by medical professionals, giving me six months to two years IF I did not get sick.

Called to Joy bookletCalled To Joy was written in 1993.

In it I talk about the mighty force of joy that comes to us from the heart of God, sharing my own experience with joy in my life regardless of traumatic circumstances. I share the story of the tea party I had with the Lord when I thought for sure my body was dying, as joy prevailed in my heart.

Choices bookletChoices written in 1992, is dedicated to a friend with whom I have an appointment to rejoice in the dance before our King.

This booklet is a narrative between three ficticious people who have just died, who come from three different “spiritual” backgrounds. All three of the people have quite a surprise at the end.

The Genesis Effect bookletThe Genesis Effect, written in 1993 is known to raise a ruckus. My pastor approved this to be published as long as there was something in the beginning that qualified that it was written by a woman. Both both men and women get on to me about this content. But many have said, nevertheless, that it helped them understand themselves and/or their spouses.

Hooked on Grace bookletHooked on Grace was written in 1993. My approach to grace is different from most of what is written about it.

In Hooked on Grace I share the exact conversation with the doctor who wanted to help me breathe, but instead had to tell me he could not help me. In my life it is grace that enables me to function in society.

To Know Me is Life bookletTo Know Me Is Life, written in 1992 is the first booklet published by my church.

This booklet is a narrative of a fictious person coming in contact with the voice of the Holy Spirit, and his/her entrance into the Kingdom of God.

The Road of Tradition bookletThe Road of Tradition, written in 1992, is a result of my personal rebellion toward religious tradition.

There is much foolishness in the body of Christ, and much of it is a result of religious tradition. It is the traditions of the churches who don’t see themselves as being traditional that I address. New traditions within many churches have worked havoc in recent years.

Trapped! bookletTrapped! was written in 1992 after I became totally aware I was even more trapped within my body than I could imagine.

Within Trapped! I share how I personally handle the fact of my physical bondage or entrapment.


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