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The New Biology

After making radical changes in my eating lifestyle and reaping phenomenal benefits, within about two years I began to experience fatigue again. I was distraught as I walked around the health store, asking the Lord what was I doing wrong. My eyes zeroed in on a book that seemed to scream out to me... “Sick and Tired?” YES. The subheading said “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”—whatever that meant, I didn’t care. I bought this book by Dr. Robert O. Young. Maybe it contained my answer. It did, but required a complete paradigm shift in my thinking when it came to health—The New Biology.

Well, actually, there is nothing new about the New Biology. It is more like a lost biology which is finally coming into its own. Medicine as we know it in the United States is big business. The American Medical Association (AMA), along with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies tend to control our health from birth until the day we die. They do because we let them, in fact we expect them to be god-like in our lives. It takes a strong will to break out of the allopathy mindset in our approach to health.

Germ Theory of Disease vs. Theory of Microzymas.

Louis Pasteur, 1822–1895, Chemist and Biologist. Pasteur possessed an undying hatred for Béchamp. He was a skilled politician with wealthy connections who repeatedly plagiarized Béchamp’s work, distorted it, and submitted it to the French Academy of Science as his own.

While Louis Pasteur was preaching his Germ Theory of Disease—the concept that fixed species of microbes from an external source invade the body and are the first cause of infectious disease—his peer Antoine Béchamp had a different theory. He called it the Theory of Microzymas. The principle of this theory is that microzyma, an independently living element, exists within all living things, and is both the builder and recycler of organisms; inhabiting cells, the fluid between the cells, the blood and the lymph.

Antoine Béchamp, 1816–1908. A man of science: Master of Pharmacy, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy, Fellow and Professor Physics and Toxicology, Professor of Biological Chemistry, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. When Béchamp died it took eight pages of scientific journals to list his achievements. His work was swept under the rug because his information threatened special interests out for monetary gain in his day and in ours.

In a state of health, the microzymas are just fine together. But in a condition of disease, microzymas become disturbed and change their form (pleomorphism) and function. They evolve into microscopic forms (germs) that reflect the disease and produce the symptoms. This occurs due to modification of our inner terrain by an inverted way of eating and living; the disease being not from the outside in, but from the inside out. In essence, if we can keep our inner terrain in balance, we won’t get disease.

This concept flies into the face of allopathic medicine. It takes the responsibility of health away from the medical cartel and into the hands of the common people who can take control of the issue of disease in their body themselves. And so I learned about reclaiming my inner terrain, coming to understand the acid/alkaline balance in the body’s tissues and fluids.

Dr. Robert O. Young.

Dr. Young has two books which address the pH issue. “Sick & Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain” as sited above, is technical in nature. He has written “The pH Miracle, Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health”,which simplifies and lays out what to do to get in balance. He includes what to eat and what not to eat. Dr. Young advocates a diet lifestyle known as Alkalarian. When I made changes according to the Alkalarian premise, and paid attention to the state of my inner terrain, I made another turning point in the overall state of my health to the positive.

I learned that toxins live in fat, and that fat protects the organs from acids in the body. If the body alkalizes, cleansing itself of the toxins, then the fat melts away. Every food has a pH value, if we pay attention and try to eat foods with a high alkaline pH we help bring our inner terrain into balance. The books by Dr. Young and his wife Shelley Redford Young all contain a chart listing food ash of some foods we eat. A good thing to keep in mind is it takes 10 parts of alkaline to neutralize 1 part acid.

We have the power.

We have the power to give our body the tools it needs to heal itself. It all comes down to the choices we make. The negative ways we eat are a stronghold in our lives that can be difficult to break, but we can make changes one day at a time, one food at a time. Dr. West said it could take eight years to make a complete change, and as long as disease is not present, if it takes that long, so be it. Just hit the goal, no matter what the time frame. One step at a time each of us can take control by incorporating a lifestyle change, which requires a change in our mindset toward our physical and emotional well-being.

Euro-American Health by Dennis Myers, M.D. Ret

Most of us need knowledge to make change permanent. The Euro-American Health website is a well of excellent of information going into great detail with what I barely touched on in this page. It will provide the knowledge some of us need to make the mental switch in our thinking. It would be worth your time to explore the website.

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