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One by one more information crossed my path upon which I could build my health regimen. Always before me was and is the goal to have a healthy immune system, in order to keep away from respiratory distress. With that end in mind, if the information offered does not help toward my goal, I set it aside. I only keep that which works for me. What works for me may not necessarily work for someone else. The following links jump within this page to a bit about doctors who help build my health experience.

I did not want to hear more.

To be honest, there were times in the first couple of years when I became overwhelmed when new information was put in my path. I did not want to know anything else. I did not want to know there was yet another thing that had to change. I am grateful that my friend Katie was on the same path—that there was someone else there to “not want to hear anything else”—with me.

As I share from whom I learned, keep in mind that basically, I simply experiment on myself. When I try what is presented to me, I pay attention to my body and listen to it. When the weak spot in your body is your respiratory system it is pretty easy to tell what does or does not work.

Dr. Norman W. Walker, Doctor of Science.

The book Become Younger, written by Dr. Walker, came into my hands September 1997. One of my favorite things about Dr. Walker is that he experimented on himself in the area of nutrition. A person after my own heart.

Dr. Walker got very ill and was given a limited time to live. A vegetarian friend told him sickness is a result of the retention of waste matter in the body. As instructed by his friend, Dr. Walker did not eat for three days, but did drink a glass of water every half hour during that time. In three days, as promised by his friend, he got well. Consequently, Dr. Walker became an advocate for keeping the colon clean.

This experience is what got Dr. Walker to experimenting on himself with raw versus cooked foods, as he wanted to learn more about how the body works. He grated raw carrots and found himself drinking a gallon of the juice resulting from playing with the carrots. He turned yellow from drinking all that juice, but felt wonderful.

I too turned yellow from all the carrot juice I drank. I eventually replaced carrots with green, but we aren’t at that part of my story yet.

Like Dr. West and Dr. Malkmus, Dr. Walker did not separate physical health from the workings of the attitude. He believed if we could live our lives in such a way that we saw no evil, thought no evil, and did no evil, most of our troubles would vanish.

The main thing I incorporated into my life from Dr. Walker is the advice from his vegetarian friend on not eating when he got sick, and the importance of keeping the colon clean. return to top

Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and was an Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. Yet, when she found herself with advanced breast cancer, she sought an alternative method for treatment. She waded through 40 alternative approaches before finding what worked for her. She advocates building the immune system so the body can heal itself. She shares her ten step program in the video You Can’t Improve on God.

You can listen to an audio message from Dr. Day giving a sample of her teachings and hear testimonies from other people—for free. The audio message is about 26 minutes long. Listen and you will probably agree it would be wise to add Dr. Day’s videos to your library. Here is a link to access .

As with most of the others from whom I have learned, Dr. Day addresses the attitudes of the heart and the importance of having a personal relationship with God as part of her ten step program. This is a link to Dr. Day’s She offers several videos, all to help educate us so we will know how to be healthy. return to top

Like Dr. Walker, Dr. Schultz believes cleaning your colon is the most important step to healing yourself of disease. Dr. Schultz has a video on which he shares how he healed himself of a killer heart disease, 4th degree burns and a crippling knee injury.

A few years ago on a July 4th, I had a few friends over for what we called a “1st Annual Colon Blowout Party”. We gathered around the TV and watched wild man Dr. Schultz instruct us via his video about how a bowel blockage being the cause of all disease. Of course I prepared snacks—homemade rye sticks shaped like cigars, to dip into the homemade black bean dip. The entire day was a hoot. What a way to celebrate our liberty. I believe everyone should watch the video.

Dr. Richard Schultz has a website, where he showcases educational tools and nutritional support. This is the link to his . return to top

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers.

Dr. Rogers is a leading environmental medicine authority. She works on raising our awareness to toxins in our environment and the importance of being rid of them internally and externally for optimum health. Her book Detoxify or Die contains knowledge we all need to possess. return to top


It is all about water to Dr. Batmanghelidj. According to his research, water can relieve a large range of medical conditions. In his book Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life Dr. Batmanghelidj presents his case on water, going into detail on how it affects the inner terrain of the body. He explains the how and why.

My friend, Carol, was visiting me in Mississippi from the Chicago area the spring of 2005 and had some respiratory distress, we think from the pine tree pollen. We both had been reading Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, and tried out his natural answer to an antihistamine when Carol had difficulty breathing. She put a pinch of natural sea salt into her mouth and drank a couple glasses of water. Immediately her bronchi relaxed. I have since done the same thing when an asthma attack starts, with the same results. When I stay hydrated, however, I have no problems. I now keep a vial of natural salt in my purse for emergencies, and always carry water with me.

Dr. Batmanghelidj was born in Iran and educated in Scotland and London. He discovered the healing powers of water while a political prisoner in Iran during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. This doctor’s story is very interesting, and the knowledge he shares can be life changing. According to Dr. B, there is a love relationship between water and the human body. His desire is for people to not be sick. This is the link to Dr. Batmanghelidj’s to learn how he began to use water to cure.

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