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Essential nutrients and food

In my personal search for health, it all came down to the very simple fact that the food I ate greatly influenced the state of my physical body. And specifically the weak part of my body, my respiratory system.

I have severely restricted lungs with 11% functional breathing capacity, yet when I eat according to alkalarian guidelines, not ® Trace Mineral Drops.

The necessity for whole food nutrition.

Unfortunately food simply does not have the nutrient value it once did because of depleted nutrients in the ground where it is grown. I often wonder if the raw vegetables I purchase from the grocery store even have any nutrient value left when they do not even taste like what they are.

Occasionally I have access to some organically grown food, but not enough to meet my nutrition needs. Therefore I add whole food supplements to my diet that help to alkalize my body and help build up my immune system.

Supplementing my diet with whole food supplements which contain nutrients in the proper proportion to and in balance with one another naturally, is what works for me. With a whole food, we get not only the nutrients we know about, but the ones we do not yet know even exist. Compare that to isolated vitamins and mineral pills that have been found to cause harm to the liver, if they even manage to dissolve in the body.

My kind of insurance.

I look at whole food supplements as my health insurance. In order to be able to afford health insurance, I would have to give up my whole food supplements. Which means I’d be putting the insurance to good use, and likely more quickly fulfill the medical prognosis on my life. On the other hand, I could instead spend my money on whole food supplements, and just stay well.

When I did have health insurance I went to an allopathic doctor once a year. After trying to prove to me I was killing myself with my diet, my doctor finally said to me... “I can’t argue with success.” The last time I visited him he told me he would check my blood, but I wouldn’t let him do anything. I reminded him that if anything was amiss he could tell me and I would then address any issues myself.

My whole food nutrition.

I have tried all sorts of things to find what works best for me. The first whole food supplement I used in the beginning was Just Barley. I especially recommend it when first making changes as it will help with the detox process. It can be purchased in health stores and online.

Since 2003 I have used a whole food supplement which contains the seven essential nutrient groups required for optimal health as listed below. It is an excellent product, coming in four flavors and which I use as a meal replacer on the mornings I don’t juice. The list following is what is contained in this one whole food supplement.

  1. Enzymes – Necessary for proper digestion and utilization of food.
  2. Coenzymes – Organic vitamins necessary for enzymes to function along with an array of antioxidants and bioflavonoids.
  3. Cofactors – Ionic minerals and trace minerals that are necessary for enzymes to function. These are retrieved from 2,000 feet below the ocean surface from waters off the coast of Hawaii.
  4. Protein – Absorbable proteins are the building blocks of the body.
  5. Essential Oils – Necessary for healthy cell membranes, creation of hormones and proper detoxification.
  6. Fiber – Helps eliminate toxins. This is an advanced fiber that seeks out, absorbs and carries out toxins from your body.
  7. Probiotics – Supports the immune system and helps provide protection from pathogens.

This whole food supplement is purchased from a network marketing company, and therefore I am not allowed to say much about it outside of company sponsored websites. If you want to know more about it, contact me via my contact page.

My newest whole food discovery.

Early 2006 I listened to a cassette tape about a network marketing product which used oxygen as it’s delivery system. It was something I wanted to try but I just could not afford the price. Why is it the best products are gotten via network marketing and therefore cost an arm and a leg to purchase at the best price??? I filed the concept of the product in my brain.

Then in April 2006, while in a local health store, I saw a product called Cellfood, which used oxygen as it’s delivery system. I purchased the original formula and the Essential Silica Formula. When I got home I put 15 drops of the silica formula in a glass of water and drank it. Immediately I could feel it. So I tested my mom on it. She too felt it. I do not know if I can describe what we felt. The best way for me to describe it, is the clean strong feel after drinking fresh vegetable juices.

Anyway, it looks like the Cellfood products are keepers for us. The products are alkalizing, and my mom and I both sleep better. I am recommending the Cellfood products to everyone I know. They can be purchased at health stores and online.

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