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My search for health

There is no question in my mind that it was my Father God who brought to my attention, through someone who cared about me, that the foods we eat affect our health. Until I read the first book given to me, Dr. Samuel West’s The Golden Seven Plus One, I had no idea that the foods I ate today could make a difference in whether or not I get sick tomorrow.

Dietary laws

There is no need to be afraid of the word “dietary”. It is simply a daily food allowance, or a regulated selection of foods. In this context we are looking at God’s opinion (indeed his rules) on the matter of the foods we eat. Of course we are free to make our own choices, even to disregarding His take on the food issue. We just need to understand that when we make choices contrary to what He knows to be true, that we may reap the consequences. Therefore we have no room to complain and get mad at Him if we end up physically or emotionally ill as a result of our choices.

Even though I knew scripture talked about dietary laws, like 98% of the people I know who believe scripture, I let the word “laws” negate the point. Though the ten commandments are relevant rules to live by, dietary rules are not?

If God made the body to heal itself, and He did, then does it not stand to reason that the body needs the right tools in order to do its job? If so, what are those tools? Here is one answer to that question: dietary tools, dietary rules, dietary laws; however you want to say it. A law is simply a rule having to do with a particular sphere of human activity.

When it comes to what we put into the body, the bottom line (supported by the wisdom of scripture) is:

  • Garbage in = garbage out—sickness and disease
  • Life in = life out—physical and mental well-being

Be assured that until I made the transition from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) to that of something like a vegan in 1997, if you tried to mess with my food I would have been rude and hostile. I totally understand the flak I get from others.

What I am going to say now, I know very well is rather crass. But if saying this will jerk one person to attention, then the risk I take is worth it. When it comes to me and food, the issue is that I was a hard core meathead who basically got slapped in the face and shook until my teeth rattled... but in a subtle underhanded way. God knows how to deal with us, and he dealt with me. I have no doubt it was necessary in order for me to live and not die before my time.

Per request.

Per the request of friends, I share what I have learned over a nine year span as I experimented on myself, looking for ways to build my immune system so that I would not get sick. I share what I learned and from whom, what I tried, what worked in my body, and where I am today. I have made changes along the way, and I will explain what and why.

We are responsible for our own bodies. Whatever you decide to implement into your own life is your decision and hence your responsibility. I simply share what I have learned and from whom, and what has worked for me.

It is your job to find out what will work for you in order to obtain optimum health and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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